The University of Molise was born in 1982 with the Faculty of Agriculture (Bachelor Degree in Food Science).
It is represented by the Rector, Prof. Gianmaria Palmieri, who convenes and chairs the Academic Senate, the Administrative Board and the University Council, has the task of supervising the teaching, scientific and service structures.
The University of Molise is spread over three town: Campobasso, Pesche and Termoli.
The University is composed of 6 Departments: Department of Agricultural, Environmental and Food Sciences; Department of Economics; Department of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences; Department of Biosciences and Territory; Department of Law; Department of Medicine and Health Sciences. The University of Molise counts 3 University campuses, 9000 students, 105 PhD students and about 600 among teaching and non- teaching staff; it is equipped with several laboratories, multimedia and language labs, central and departmental libraries, and a sports center. The University of Molise is actively involved in the Erasmus Plus programme, especially for what concerns student mobility programmes for study and traineeship, teaching mobility and staff mobility
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