For years, the world of Erasmus Student Network has proved to be a network that works on concrete things. Every year the national and international networks propose to the sections and their Erasmus a multitude of projects to participate.

Each of these projects allows Erasmus students to take action in the various areas that most interest them and to give greater significance to their Erasmus experience and their permaence in the country where they decided to live their Erasmus +.
Explore this entry to discover the projects of ESN International, ESN Italia and the projects of our association ESN Unimol.

SocialErasmus is an international project by the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) that promotes a social attitude among young citizens participating in mobility programmes, to facilitate their integration into the local community while gives them the chance to make a long lasting social change in society through volunteering activities. SocialErasmus activities provide young citizens the opportunity to do more with their period abroad and to live a life-changing experience.

ExchangeAbility is a long-term project of ESN whose main aim is to promote mobility opportunities and accessible Higher Education possibilities for students with disabilities. Additionally, ESN also wants to provide the conditions and opportunities for students with disabilities to actively participate in student life as well as raise awareness of the local communities about the topic. 

Erasmus Exchange project is a new and experimental project powered and designed by ESN Italian section ESN ASE FOGGIA that will get the chance to the Erasmus students to visit other Italian cities ( at the moment Bari,Benevento,Campobasso and Foggia) to discover their traditions and share their experience with other Erasmus students. Erasmus students will be chosen to leave for one of these destinations; will be hosted for a weekend by another Erasmus.

Are you an incoming Erasmus student who has no idea on how the University works, as well as all the other bureaucracy? Are you feeling a bit lost? Wanna know something more about the Italian lifestyle? Or maybe you just came back from your Erasmus experience and you wanna help incoming students making their experience unforgettable while practicing a foreign language and explore the city together! The ESN Buddy System connects both of these two kinds of people, by assigning incoming students to locals (the "Buddies") in one-to-one matches.

In 2013, the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) started one of its most ambitious projects: Erasmus in Schools. The project aims to put Erasmus students in touch with Italian high school students in order to highlighting the benefits of carrying out part of the studies abroad

ESN Italia aims to spread the culture of healthy living among exchange students, practicing, during its period in Italy, one or more sports, trying to create additional points of aggregation with other foreign students, but especially with students Italians, even in a country with the "unknown" principle. The aim of the Italian Network is to promote and encourage, through the organization of recreational and sports activities, the integration and social cohesion between italian students and foreign students hosted in Italy within the Erasmus and related projects.

​​ is a web platform where companies and organisations can offer their internship vacancies to individuals seeking international opportunities. Visit the web platform to access thousands of internships, students and recruiters! Through the project, the Erasmus Student Network promotes the Erasmus+ Traineeship scholarships that are available to students at European Higher Education Institutions. The project was funded with support from the European Commission.

The aim of the project is to promote mobility opportunities using the strength of ESN, namely our capacity to share real-life experiences. We aim not only to promote Erasmus mobility programmes but also a wide variety of opportunities targeted at young people, students and young graduates (volunteering, internships, traineeships, student exchange, travelling, etc).

Responsible Party is a project is run across Europe with more than 174,000 studentsparticipating to date. Using the peer-to-peer approach student ambassadors are organizing activities during parties in a fun and engaging way with the aim to raise awareness about the health effects of alcohol consumption. 

Eduk8 is ESN’s international training project, which aims to empower ESN members to allow them to perform better in their ESN daily tasks. Every day ESN’ers all over Europe, work hard to support and develop our colourful network and while doing so they gain new skills and competences. These skills and competences can be hard to identify and put words to and that is where Eduk8 can make a difference.

Embarking on a period of mobility is a new, big challenge. ESN Italia is ready to support all future Erasmus students thanks to a special platform: AskErasmus! AskErasmus allows Italian students to get in touch with those before them who have undertaken a period of exchange in the same country, the same city ... or maybe the same university! A special platform will allow you to make the most appropriate match, and receive information about your Erasmus destination.