What's your next destination? Are you going to or are you coming from your Erasmus? Do you just like travelling?

Packlink helps you managing your moves through a shipping service with a carrier that lets you send packages and bags with low costs and fast delivery.

On Packlink.it you will choose between carriers like BRT, UPS, TNT, Poste Italiane and more to send from and receive to Italy.

Shipments ordered on Packlink site include taking from and delivery directly to your house, tracking of the shipment, customer care number and basic insurance.

Send with Packlink using the promo code that you can see on the top of the page after logging in and get a 7% discount on your shipment!

Do you want some examples of how much you can safe with Packlink?

Send from Italy to Spain, Germany or France starting from 8,84€! (VAT not included).

Visit the site to see which carrier provides you the lowest price and send always with discounted fares up to 70%.