Erasmus Exchange project is a new and experimental project powered and designed by ESN Italian section ESN ASE FOGGIA that will get the chance to the Erasmus students to visit other Italian cities ( at the moment Bari,Benevento,Campobasso and Foggia) to discover their traditions and share their experience with other Erasmus students. Erasmus students will be chosen to leave for one of these destinations; will be hosted for a weekend by another Erasmus.


Why is it convenient? 

  • The transport will be provided by the sending ESN section
  • Erasmus students stay will be guaranteed by other Erasmus students 
  • Erasmus students have the chance to know other cities 
  • Foreign students have the opportunity to improve your Erasmus experience


Our section ESN Unimol has been involved in the start up of this project runned on February 16-18 2018. 

The project is now looking forward to the next step for increase the range of ESN Italian sections involved.

More info Here